Our history of success and
uninterrupted constant growth.

When we founded our company, grinding and polishing was an extremely laborious process with few automated process steps. As every company had its own methods, the level of end-quality was extremely uneven.

Our automated surface finish enabled not only significantly more efficient production but a unitary quality of output. This guaranteed the attention of ever-more firms with very big names. Having convinced them of our quality, they have remained our customers until today.

The enormous demand for our products and services is reflected in our company growth. Having begun with two employees, were soon had a workforce of 10 after only one-and-a-half years. Today, with a staff of over 70, we are one of the largest producers of solutions for automated surface processing.

From our beginnings as a small firm concentrating on grinding and polishing, we have developed into a provider of integrated industry robot solutions, also with our own American subsidiary SHL Automation Inc in Atlanta, USA. We have not given up planning. The future has much in store for our customers.