Rotating and positioning unit

The SHL rotating and positioning units DPE-G and DPE-K have a compact design and are suitable for a wide range of applications – for all grinding, polishing, abrasive surface finishing, deburring, sawing, and brushing processes: The new SHL rotating and positioning unit (DPE) can be used in a multitude of different possible applications. Of course the DPE can be used with all SHL machines or as workpiece or tool rack. There are two available versions for different masses and requirements.

DPE-G – Rotating and positioning unit, great masses

DPE-K – Rotating and positioning unit, small masses

The compact design offers a large degree of freedom for your application. All electrical components required for the machine are fitted in a control cabinet. The cabinet connects the machine with the robot via an SHL bus system to form a functional unit.

Special construction features
  • All variants +/-90° from the neutral position
    DPE-G -> 15° division or freely positionable 
    DPE-K -> 15° division
  • High indexing accuracy and dynamics
  • Smooth acceleration curve
  • Perfect cup gasket with dust lip
  • Large central bore – for maximum flexibility in cable routing
  • The curved motion ensures a very smooth and harmonic movement. This is a precondition for short switching times and a long service life.