Customized SHL gripping solutions
For careful and precise product handling

Main challenge: The workpieces to be handled must be gripped fast, safely and most of all without damage and must be handed over and fed into the corresponding processing station.

It is not the task of the gripper to ensure the product has the correct position and orientation. Depending on the project study, the gripper may have additional special functions such as orientation detection of the workpieces or measurement of force, torque and distance as well as part supply for assembly processes and support of the deburring/brushing process.

The gripper must be precisely adapted to the weights and process forces as well as the motion sequences in order to fulfil its tasks and to handle the product with the required care.

We have created a dedicated "Center of Competence" for these tasks. We offer the required vertical production integration as well as the 3D technology in order to flexibly and successfully solve all challenges in the gripping domain from design to development and in-house production with modern machinery.

Examples for designed and manufactured gripping solutions:
  • Fixed gripper
  • Replacement gripper
  • Gripper replacement systems (automatic replacement in chaotic infeed)
  • Complex multiple gripper systems with automatic tool changer and program change