SHL robotic polishing cells
in cabin design

In addition to the 6-axle industrial robots for the purpose of workpiece feeding, the SHL robotic polishing cells include a number of polishing machines, the design of which take into account the special requirements for the burring, grinding and polishing of profiled workpieces and moulded parts – even with the most difficult of contours and materials including steel, nonferrous metals, wood, plastic etc. – all with various band speeds.

Both the robot and the polishing machines are anchored on a stable frame and surrounded by a cabin. This provides especially favourable conditions for extraction and thus effects sound dampening. The fore cabin area is fitted with an overhang under which are mounted the various feed units e.g. slide table, pallet conveyor unit or other units serving automatic workpiece feeding.

SHL grinding and polishing cells are implemented as single cells or entire production lines. Production lines involve the set-up of multiple polishing cabins next to each other and their connection via a transfer system.

Should a different polishing machine set-up be required, the cells (due to their self-supporting system) are very light and can be transported without disassembly to be set-up in a suitable fashion for new products.