Know-how reveals itself in the detail:
we shine especially brightly in these points.

Parallel to our expertise in all matters burring and grinding, we have also expanded our know-how in the area of automated polishing over the last twenty years. Whether flexible single robots, enclosed polishing cells or complete production and transfer lines including component handling, SHL plant sets international standards. Some of our most important areas of expertise are presented here:

One of the factors of our successful production of automated polishing units is our extensive depth of in-house-production. With the exception of the robots, all components for the plant are developed and manufactured by us in-house based on out own conceptional strategies. This applies to all the products ranging from special pallets over gripper and handling tools up to the specially developed and manufactured polishing stations and process linking units including the complete user-specific control software.

Automatic adjustment of the processing tools for polishing
SHL robot plant are fitted with polishing machines which automatically adjust the processing tools such as the grinding band, contact or polishing disc, obviating the need for a programme alteration upon tool wear. Workpiece tolerances are compensated in particular areas during polishing by "automatic feeding".

Automatic turning and positioning unit for polishing units
Polishing units on an automatically pivotable base with additional robotic rotating axles or a fixed stop enable selection of the best working position for polishing units. This affords significantly better access of the workpieces to the processing units.

Closed robot cells
In addition to our open robot plants, SHL also builds self-supporting, closed robot cells with dust protection and / or a sound protection cabin. A particular advantage of these self-supporting robot cells: The location of plant can be easily changed without the need to dismantle the robot or the individual machines. Closed SHL robot cells provide compact, flexible solutions and shortened assembly and commissioning times.