Looking for a solution guaranteeing the best process reliability with low cycle times for the mechanical burring of metal surfaces?


Then SHL is just the place for you. We conceive tailor-made burring robot cells tailored to your workpiece and plan and manage the entire project.

Core expertise – the perfect surface:
automated polishing.

Irrespective of the branch – when polishing work is to be performed in series production, not a lot happens without automation. Manual polishing is not only expensive, but it no longer meets market demands in terms of precision and reproducibility. Nevertheless, the exact polishing of components made of various materials is an exact science. A manufacturer of automated polishing machines, polishing plant and production lines, requires an enormous knowledge of the polishing procedures, suitable polishing techniques and the corresponding the polishing process. We have this knowledge.

We combine our in-house developed polishing machines with robots into individual robotic polishing cells or entire robotic polishing plants. Complemented by transfer lines and the corresponding gripper technology, we develop completely automated production lines for polishing processes. In doing so , we also use CNC-controlled polishing technology, workpiece and tool-guided applications as well as loading magazines and tool changing systems for polishing.

Our perfected after-sales service gives you the security of knowing that your automated polishing plant provides a particularly high technical availability.